Showstars Jurymitglied by Miss Intercontinental 2014

final-337x600Miss Thailand wins Miss Intercontinental for the First Time in History

Thailand must be smiling. For the first time in history Thailand wins the Miss Intercontinental crown.

It has been a very long wait says Nawat, (Thailand’s national director and president of Miss Grand International) we have been waiting for 43 years.

Patraporn is very happy and says that she wants to do a lot of volunteer work in Nepal and all over the world. She also thinks it could be a good idea to stay in Germany during this year. All the other contestants love that she won the pageant, they say her heart is true.

Patraporn Wang will receive a 15,000.00 USD prize and a 18,000 USD Contract (12 months) and she can move to Germany if she so wishes to do so. She will also be VIP guest at The TOP MODEL OF WORLD contest that will happen next January in China. She will also be able to choose a beautiful $3,000.00 value evening gown by Julio César Battaglia. Read more

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