Illusions become’s reality!
For centuries, people use different styles of clothing to express their feelings, their character and to highlight their personality.

Fashion sometimes has the function of a picture frame, in which the man who walks within this framework or allowed his gaze to reach beyond the box, out of the same. What is the effect of fashion in us, and what offering fashion designers? Which kind of emotions, memories and dreams of each of us in this context? That was the main question in its concept by Showstars Design in Battaglia, an Italian name translated into English means “battle” and this is the battle that must be defeated. Being faithful to our illusions, that is in the language of clothes, in the fashion illusion.

Battaglia has been born from the heart of the international brand Showstars which was created in the year 2000. It began by representing international footballers and has expanded to successfully include training courses in business coaching and the organization of event such as beauty pageants. Showstars has become recognised for its training and promotion of models and its connections to the world of business. Showstars under the name of its founder Dr. Julio Cesar Battaglia, born in Argentina but not now based in Spain and Germany. Dr. Julio has also worked in Italy and spent many years developing his business in Germany. Thanks to his broad experience with people from different countries and cultures he has created a new fashion concept. This concept is awed at giving every unique item of clothing originality, style and elegance. Battaglia has a moto: Created especially for you!

Battaglia by Showstars offers a personalised service offering excellent advice and individual attention. The clothes designed by Battaglia by Showstars are unique only to you. Allthoug the designs are similar the fabrics are all individually chose by you. Rather like human DNA everyone is different. Showstars Design believe in all their projects which have turned creative concepts into reality!

It is time not to be dressed like every one else!